1. What topics can I research for the symposium?

You can conduct research on any topic, but we strongly recommend you seek guidance from your faculty advisor before beginning any research project.

2. Can I submit a research project under a different discipline than my major discipline (i.e. I am a nursing major and want to research under the engineering discipline)?

The symposium is an event that enables students to showcase their research projects and network with other schools, faculty members, and students within the TAMU system.  Please consult with your discipline’s faculty advisor before beginning any research project.

3. Why are Social Sciences and Humanities listed together as on option on the registration page’s Project Academic Discipline dropdown menu?

The Social Sciences and the Humanities were initially combined due to the variation in the number of participants versus those in the sciences over the years.  Any Social Science major may select this option as well as a Humanities major.

4. What disciplines may conduct oral presentations?

Humanities only.

5. May a Humanities major conduct a poster presentation?


6. Will participants receive feedback on their presentations?

Yes, the judges will each complete a rubric, which is available on the Pathways website and then the rubrics will be sent to the Graduate Dean on each campus for dissemination to the participants within 2 weeks following the Pathways event.

7. Can I submit a poster and abstract as a team?

Yes, you can submit as a team, but each participant will need to submit his/her own poster and abstract.  The abstracts will need to differ from each other and reflect the participant’s specific portion of the research project.

8. As a co-author, can I submit the same abstract as my peers?

Only one abstract per study is permitted.  Check with the dean on your campus to clarify the role of the co-author.

9. I would like to submit a project from the Visual or Fine Arts discipline.  Is that possible?

Not for the 2015 Pathways, but will be considered for future Pathways Symposiums.

10. As a faculty member working with a student, can I participate in the presentation?

This symposium is for students only.

11. My discipline is in the College of Liberal Arts Foreign Language Department and my research focuses on Spanish.  Can I submit a poster and abstract in Spanish?

Yes, you can submit a poster and abstract in Spanish.

For additional information, please email Pathways@tamucc.edu.